Gratitude to the Almighty


The Graditude Project

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What is meditation? Why is meditation being used by successful people across all professions? Do we really need to meditate?

The goal of this video is to simplify and unravel the mystery of meditation and use it in our daily lives.
The basic premise of this project is that the mind and body are just the tools and we are not our minds or our bodies.

Just like our body needs exercise to function at its optimum, the mind needs cleaning and strengthening. Meditation is necessary for our minds to declutter.

Let me use a simple analogy. We cook daily and after cooking we always clean our pots and pans. Imagine reusing a dirty pan for the next day without first cleaning it. It sounds strange but the majority of the people are doing this but with their minds.

The same thing applies to our mind as we use it extensively. It needs to be cleansed and prepared for the next day to function at its best.
But because we are so busy, we neglect to take the time to clean our minds. It is a big mistake to view mental cleansing as a waste of time.

So our mind becomes clogged and cloudy and not able to function at its fullest potential.

The mind is our most important and powerful tool. Through meditation, the mind can be sharpened and refreshed. The most successful and productive people in the world realize this and all share a common practice of mediation.

We are excited to share this project with you. It has been designed to prepare you for your meditation with the relaxing music of Raman and Srikanth , the serene images by Carl and a few soothing words by yours truly Matt Gibson to help you relax and enter into meditation.

And before we begin, remember that Gratitude is the great cleansing agent for your mind. Together we can practice developing a greater sense of grattitude. You can use these tracks as part of your morning or evening routine.
There are seven tracks for each day of the week, each focusing on a different area of grattitude.

Monday : Gratitude to our mother earth

Tuesday : Gratitude to the Water

Wednesday : Gratitude to Breath

Thursday : Gratitude to Space

Friday : Gratitude for Fire

Saturday : Gratitude to the Nature

Sunday : Gratitude to the Universe for all that you have and will have

Concept : Music Score & Bamboo Flute : Flute Raman
Recording,Keyboards & Mixing : Srikanth Devarajan
Video : Carl Mclarty
Voice : Matt Gibson
Our heartfelt appreciation to Master SJ for all his love, remarkable contribution and guidance for this project.
We truly hope this project will help one and all in developing the art of Gratitude with all our chores in our daily lives.
We offer our Gratitude to one and all !!!