Very interesting for me, useful for parents


Okay, first of all, let’s start with the ridiculous assembly. I mean really, I have a certain understanding of technology, unlike my communications operator army husband, but I am a fair person, and I have to say that I don’t even need that. It is almost fully assembled, just folded. After some very very basic instructions, it is unfolded, pedals are placed, recharged, and ready to go! ! I have been having difficulty keeping up with my husband and children on the trail recently, so I decided to buy this for me and my 60-year-old mom and dad. They really can’t keep up with the trail, haha.

Let me say that it is very comfortable for my ass and legs, even at 5’7. My father did not encounter any problems or complaints when tightening the seat or pedals. It took me a minute to adjust to acceleration and deceleration, but the brakes were great. I didn’t think they were mushy at all, when I was about to stop…they stopped me! It’s easy to take turns, the breeze in my hair is funny, and honestly, the laughter that my mom and I got from my dad is probably the best thing ever.

The charging cable is long enough to connect to an unstable wire in the garage and still support it where I want it. Even if it was dropped on the ground several times, it did not crack the shell or stain the metal at all.