Splendid and comfortable experience


Bought a baby carrier for newborn from mother-care immediately after baby is born and ready to be discharged.
It was more pricey than konny baby carrier.
Upon putting my baby at the carrier, my baby seem to be fidgeting alot and making some small cries.
The posture could be very uncomfortable and the lack of leg support padding could be the main reason. Didn’t make a fuss as this was the only baby carrier i own at that point.

Was on shoppe , the Algorithm probably figured that i was looking for a baby carrier.
Stumbled upon konny baby, decided to give it a try.

At first glance, was very skeptical as it was very small and looks unsafe ,not really sure if its safe for new born. Took sometime to figure how to use the konnybaby carrier by watching tutorial videos that is available on youtube.
My newborn is a light sleeper , he always wants to be carried or someone to rock him to sleep.
Upon latching him on my wife chest with the konny baby attached.
He literally continued sleeping like a baby kangaroo. So surprised with the immediate reaction.
It seems like that the baby seems to be in a comfortable position, baby looks so snuggly as he slept all the way from home to my required destination at a clinic.
Unfortunately we need to get his height and weight, so we need to get him out of the baby carrier. Baby cried immediately and we tried to carry and pat him on his back trying to calm him but it didn’t worked out well.
We immediately put him back to the konny baby carrier, baby seems to cool down and Fall asleep immediately.
We really didn’t understand how that happened, he seems like to be in a more comfortable position when in a konny baby carrier.

Konny baby definitely works wonders in the way how my newborn love being snuggled whenever being latched on.
I will list out to the pros in getting this konny baby carrier

1. Very wallet friendly, you will be surprised this cost much lesser compared to the brands you see in mother care.

2. Item is very convenient to carry around. It is very light, and they provide a bag to store your baby carrier in , which is very useful.

3. Not bulky, i dont own my own transportation. I have always been travelling on public or take cab to travel. From home to require destination, i always have to carry my other baby carrier in hand while my wife attends to my newborn. The other baby carrier seems to be taking much space at my hand whenever i don’t need to use that.
But with konny baby, i can just put fold it and put it inside my diaper bag.
This is the plus point.

4. You will never regret buying it as this is very comfortable for your baby. Just picture a baby kangaroo with the mother. It works the same way. My newborn looks so comfortable and snuggly whenever he is at konny baby carrier.

5. Trust me this is a essential product for your baby! I ditched my pricey baby carrier for this and never regret since.