A Tour of the Newberry Knitting Company


Last week, Mom and I went for a tour of what I think is one of the coziest small businesses in New York’s Capital District (Albany, Schenectady, Troy) the  Newberry Knitting Company. If you know Mom, you know this is right up her alley! (In fact, there’s a good chance she’s knit something for you!)

Nancy Newberry is the woman at the helm of the Newberry Knitting Co and she is just a delightful person, as you’ll see in the video. Nancy grew up in the glove-making business, and didn’t have enough of it from her childhood apparently, because then she married into another glove-making business!

The first time I met her, she gave my wife Bridget and me a tour of the factory. I knew then, that I needed to return to capture the experience on camera!

We felt like we were stepping into Mrs. Claus’s workshop, here was this quite old-looking machine, rhythmically churning and clicking, devouring tediously strung yearn and regurgitating the warmest of mittens, gloves, and glommits (a cross between the two). It was hypnotizing!

Nancy and her employees walked us through the process it take to make each glove. Better to watch the video than read my explanation though.

One part I want to be sure you catch – she was talking about one of their many types of gloves. She said, “I’m thinking they go for $70 or $80 in some stores if they have a fancier front door.”

It’s true, their store is very simple and understated. Perhaps not a huge shopping destination by anyone other than locals who know about it.

But these are quality gloves, ethically made, with deerskin leather for gripping. Yes, they definitely could sell for that price. But if you go directly to the Newberry Knitting Company you can get them for $28. It’s honestly a steal. If that’s out of your range though, they also have items for as little as $5.

I’m telling you, this is the SPOT for holiday gifts. My sister recently text my wife, years after we gave her a pair of Newberry socks.

“I still so love those socks you gave me! What is the name of the company again?”

We’ll sing it from the mountains! Newberry Knitting Company!

Sweetest to me was when Nancy, without a second thought, donated “Enough yarn to last the rest of my life” as Mom put it in between tears.

Mom leads the Precious Ministry where she and a small team of friends supply baby blankets to 40 hospitals. They’ve made over 1400 blankets in less than 5 years Nancy’s generosity will ensure that expectant parents who experience miscarriages receive a baby blanket and a note of encouragement to honor their loss.

Thanks, Nancy, and thanks Newberry Knitting Company!

So make sure you visit this hidden gem in Upstate New York! And give this story a share to support this sweet little small business.

Newberry Knitting Company
1420 Curry Rd.
Schenectady, NY 12306, USA