I ordered a set of 3 lamps on the 26th of April and they arrived shortly after. At first, all of the lamps worked very well, but within about half an hour the sunset lamp began flickering, due to a wiring problem. I contacted the customer service team right away and was very pleased with their quick and helpful response, which offered to send me a replacement lamp asap.
Unfortunately, by the time that lamp arrived, I began having more problems. The sunrise lamp had grown very dim, to a point where it was nearly impossible to see, even in the dark. I realised this when I compared it to the replacement lamp. The rainbow lamp, though it still shone brightly, had also begun to flicker shortly after the replacement lamp arrived. Once again, I contacted customer service, and was offered a single replacement lamp a few days later.
About a week or so later, the second replacement arrived- and by then, the first replacement lamp had the same issue with growing dim over time. Within a few days, the second replacement lamp was also very dim. I now have 5 lamps; 2 that flicker sporadically and 3 that are very hard to see.
Considering how well my first issue was dealt with, and how beautiful the lamps were when they all worked, I’m very disappointed by now. As grateful as I am to have been sent 2 lamps free of charge, the resolution just wasn’t up to par with my expectations when I spent $120 AUD. I have even tried to fix the lamps myself, but I can’t seem to take them apart.
Every email that I have sent customer service since the second replacement lamp arrived has either gone ignored or been shrugged off with a cheery “we will send you another replacement!”, despite my insistence that they provide me with a refund. Ideally, I would have a set of working lamps, but at this stage I’m concerned that none of them will work.