Happiest Birthday Mama!


It’s this beautiful little lady, my Mama’s birthday today. Selfless to her kids and her family always. Our mom has been known to take her shirt off her back for my Aunt D heading out for a date or take her necklace off of her neck for her daughters. She was at every soccer game, cheer practice, gymnastics meet and snowboarding competition she could be at and when she wasn’t she was selling pianos to the likes of NFL players and the Hoff. She plays so dreamy & melodically by ear. Send in the Clowns written by the late Stephen Sondheim is my favorite and one of the most beautiful pieces she’s ever played. My piano, guitar, bass, drums, all of our garage band instruments in my house are influences of her. She sold cars for a min too getting me my first, a black Mustang with red leather interior. She crossed her fingers over her heart when I drove it like I stole it. She lives for her daughters and selflessly did anything and everything she could for us. I will always remember all the selfless, heartfelt things you’ve done Mama. We love you from the bottom of our hearts. Happiest Birthday lovely Mama! Join me and wish her the happiest today.