“The Rapture” Part 8 (Week 2 of 2)


THE RAPTURE Part 8 (week 2 of 2…11-21-21) “Escape all these things [taken together] that will take place”… Luke 21:36 (Bible study begins at the 36:51 mark after current events). Jesus commanded His followers or those who call themselves christians, to know the signs (multiple) of His return or the rapture. A follower of Christ or Christian, literally translates to imitators of Jesus Christ or imitators of the Word (The Bible).

There is a great interest and desire by many (in the church) to know the signs, to rightly identify the season of His return, because it is obvious and it makes sense of what is going on not just here in the United States by around the world. Jesus said, I tell you these “things” in advance not just about Him going to the cross but also about the End Time events so we might have peace in the midst of chaos.

But, the Word or Jesus also told us what we must do in order to be ready to go up in the rapture, to be “caught up together” with Him in the clouds. He said wait for the promised Holy Spirit and He would remind us of: sin, judgment, righteousness and “things” or prophetic signs that have already been written about the Time of the End.

John wrote in Revelation to the End Time church about certain sins the many in the church, many pastors in the church would no longer call sin. What is happening right now in the church is exactly what John foretold the imitator of Jesus Christ about so we would not be duped, deceived or do themselves in order to get raptured.

What good is it to know the season of Jesus return if we are not ready to go? If we are still habitually sinning? If we really believed the rapture or judgement could happen at any moment, will we change? Remember, Jesus is coming and for those who are found habitually righteous will escape the “things” or judgments to come upon the earth during the 7 year Tribulation. The Bible is all true or none of it is true, you can’t pick which parts you believe – Jesus or the Word is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Every Sunday night I also take the first 30-40 minutes before the study begins to look at the current events through the lens of scripture in response to the command by Jesus in Matthew and Luke to know the signs of His return. Everything is happening just like the Bible said it would…Jesus is coming!

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