Trusting customer


First of all, let me say,…I have a few real diamond pieces and have bought many Zirconia pieces. I wanted more rings but I know rings, in particular take much abuse so I was carful to buy only s925 rings. All dealers promised that their rings would hold up and I ended up disappointed and returning them. One even cost me $70.00 and I had to send it back as well, the main stone was lose because the prongs were very thin and could not hold it.

Most of them lost there glimmer in just a few days and another, a small stone fell out as I was putting it down on my dresser before bed time. So I have had some really bad deals and didn’t fully trust anyone until I ordered a ring from Dreamland. I wear it on my right hand everyday for a month and it held up very well so I bought this one almost two weeks ago and it has also held up very well, still looks new, shinny and no stones have gotten lose or fell out.

Only complaint I have is, this particular ring didn’t come any smaller than size 6 and I wear a 5 so I had to put a sizer on it to keep from losing it BUT I’m very happy with both rings and plan to order more jewelry from Dreamland. Also my pictures and video doesn’t do this ring justice, it is much prettier in person. Looks like real diamonds and no one will ever know if you don’t tell them.

NOTE TO DREAMLAND: Please keep sealing quality jewelry at reasonable prices and you have a forever customer in me and who ever I tell about your jewelry. Thank you.