Degenerative Disk Disease: joint pain went from 8/10 to 3/10



Having chronic illness can take over your life.

Chronic pain, lack of energy, and failing organs not only makes you feel awful, helpless and depressed, but you end up missing out on activities such as school, work, friendships, and fun because you are too sick or too tired to do the things you want to do.

Our client knows all about it.

She had to take hiatus from her internship training due to worsening symptoms.

Her goal is to regain her health so she can begin her career without pain, fatigue and IBS symptom.

(00:04) “The biggest thing is reduction in joint pain. I have healthier digestion overall and that’s huge because I have been dealing with IBS symptoms for 5-6 years especially in the last couple of year it got out of control.”

(02:31) “Living with less pain is life changing. I remember waking up at a pain level 2 and it consistently stayed there. I never thought I can lower my pain levels that dramatically in that short of time.”

• Brain fog daily
• Chronic fatigue daily
• Chronic pain in muscles and joints all over body daily
• Cystic acne breakouts
• Flareups every few weeks of lumbar and cervical disc pain
• Hair loss
• IBS daily symptoms – frequent loose stool, sudden urgency to use restroom, bloating, gas, cramping, pain, nausea, heartburn
• Radiating nerve pain in both arms and legs
• Very painful menstrual cramps,

After 40 days
• Less hair loss
• Less painful cycle
• Less chronic pain
• Less brain fog
• Skin looks healthier and more hydrated
• Less urgency and less loose stool
• Menstrual cramps are much less painful
• Bowel movement from 6-12 times per day to 4-6 times per day
• Joint pain went from 8/10 (on the worst days) to consistently to 3/10

The first thing to getting what you want is to identify it.

If you want to be successful at disease reversal, if you want to be pain free and full of energy, you have to tell your brain what you actually want.

On one piece of paper, write down what you want for your goals, relationships, physical, emotional, spiritual health.

What do you want?

And then you ask yourself every day is my BEHAVIOR, getting me what I want?

Our client was searching for answers and found us on facebook.

Thank you to her family who were able to support her to make this investment.

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