11-14-2021 Sermon


“Not Quickly Shaken”
2 Thessalonians 2:1-12
Pastor Michael Vaughan
November 14, 2021

Failure to Remember the Truth Leads to Confusion, Fear, and Deception Among Believers (v. 1-8)

False teachings and an anxious church (v. 1, 2)
ₒ  Matthew 24:4-8

The rebellion and revealing of the man of lawlessness comes first (v. 3, 4)
ₒ  Matthew 24:11-14
ₒ  Daniel 11:36, 37

Paul had previously taught about these things (v. 5-8)
▪  I Thessalonians 4:16-18
▪  Jude 3

ₒ  A restrainer (v. 6)

ₒ  The mystery of lawlessness (v. 7)

ₒ  The True and Living God will end all deception at the unmistakable revelation of the Lord Jesus (v. 8)
▪  Isaiah 11:4

Failure to Love the Truth Leads to Delusion, Judgment, and Condemnation for the Unrighteous (v. 9-12)

Power, signs, and wonders from Satan to deceive (v. 9)
ₒ  Matthew 24:24-27

Refusal to love the truth excludes the perishing from salvation (v. 10)

God’s sovereignty in judgment (v. 11, 12)

ₒ  Delusion to believe what is false
▪  Psalm 80:11-13
▪  I Timothy 4:1, 2

ₒ  Condemnation for false belief and pleasure in unrighteousness
▪  2 Corinthians 4:4

So What?

Do I know and love the Truth of God’s Word enough that it guards me from deception and moral corruption?

When He comes, the Lord will decisively defeat and condemn His enemies, so we can take hope in the future return of Christ and our being gathered together to Him!
ₒ  Revelation 19:11-16
ₒ  2 Timothy 4:8