Pubbet customer for LIFE!


I’m the proud owner of the Casual Marvin. First, the quality of my Pubbet puppet is beyond anything I was truly expecting. The fabrics used to make him are extremely durable, soft and easy to manipulate to create the head and mouth shape you desire. His fingers are posable which makes it fun for photos and gestures while working with him. The owner/ CEO James is phenomenal! Totally transparent, honest, sweet, and down to earth guy. He handles his own customer service which makes purchasing from him a breeze. Although shipping can take a few weeks, the wait is HANDS DOWN worth it!!! So when you order, which I telling you, YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD, have patience, you will receive your package. I’ve been wanting a puppet for quite some time but, they are on the expensive side and you just don’t know exactly what you’re getting for the price. Totally glad I waited and found Pubbets. The price is unbeatable, the service in impeccable and the pubbet-puppet is beyond anything I could have imagined. I’m a lifetime customer and would never, NEVER shop anywhere else. If you know anyone that’s into puppets, wanting a puppet or even a teacher who could use one for their classroom, whoever, shop here! Hands down the BEST experience I’ve had. My second pubbet is on the way I cannot wait to own a collection of Pubbets! Thanks James for this amazing experience. You’ve made a puppeteer out of me.