Website health check: Top technical SEO tips and tools


Today, more than half of all online revenue comes from organic search. But for most brands, SEO and website health are rarely front and center. In today’s post-pandemic, search-first age, they need to be. To be crawled, indexed, and then ranked you need to address and optimize your website’s technical health. All other traditional SEO and marketing efforts will either go farther with a healthy site, or have to work harder for results when the site health is compromised.

Join Ashley Berman Hale, VP, Professional Services at Deepcrawl, to learn how to find and optimize the most critical technical health indicators.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

Understand why prioritizing SEO is essential for long-term growth & how technical SEO is fundamental to the success of those goals
Have the tools to quickly measure key site health indicators, prioritize issues, and take steps on optimizing the sit
Build a strategy that’s set up to deliver consistent long-term revenue gains