UFO over High Mountains 十勝岳上空のUFO.mp4


The video was taken on a mountain in total darkness with no lights or moon, so the flying object emits its own light without reflecting it. The object appears to be ascending, but since the video was taken directly above, the object is crossing the zenith.
It was taken at 23:26 p.m. on June 24, 2014 at the camping site near Mt. Tokachidake (an active volcano in the northern part of Japan), which has been famous for UFO sightings for decades. You can see a bright object soaring up from the bottom right corner of the video screen, but in reality, my camera was facing the zenith, and the object was moving horizontally across the sky from the east to the south. This subtle and complicated zigzag motion cannot be made by the camera shake. Actually it was a starry night, but because I did not use any zooming function, even the brightest star is not seen in the video. I was the only one looking up the sky and other people (mountain climbers) were already sleeping in their tents

Since the site was at an altitude of 1200 meters and the temperature was very low at night, there were no insects flying, and the fireflies (lightning bugs) do not exist in the area (the fireflies do not fly at such a high speed in the first place and my camera cannot catch such dim lights).

The site was completely dark and there were no outdoor lights nearby (and it was a dark moonless night). I could see many stars in the sky with the naked eyes, but my small digital camera (CASIO EX-H10) could not catch any starlight. So you can guess how bright that object actually was (Brightness of the video is somewhat enhanced during 61-64 second of this video)

About one and half hours before I saw UFO, I was surprised by a small mechanical sound that I heard from my left side (no more than two feet from where I was standing in the camping site), and I saw a long-haired young woman in white clothes. As I mentioned, the site was almost completely dark and I could not even see my shoes very well, so I could narrowly recognized that woman but could not see her face. Then I saw a small and round red light in front of her chest or her solar plexus. I supposed she would be attaching her camera to a tripod to take pictures of beautiful starry sky (but I did not actually see any camera or tripod) . That slender lady was about 5 feet 7 inches tall and had black hair

Although I wondered why she was working in the darkness without any lights, I stepped back silently because she did not seem to have noticed that I was standing so close to her, and I did not want to surprise a young woman in the darkness. After that I kept standing for a while at some distance from her, but the next time I found that she was gone – disappeared without making any sound of walking. In the camping site, I could hear footsteps very well even if they were more than 20 meters away

I wondered where she had gone because I did not hear any sounds of car. It was too dangerous for anyone to leave the site on foot because there were wild bears often appear in that area. She was not looking up overhead but straight ahead to the east where the mountains rises – and it was the very direction where the UFO appeared about 1.5 hours later

●気温:10度以下 虫は飛んでおらず、発光虫は生息しない 
撮影:カシオEX-H10 1280×720(24fps)




万が一、未知の発光虫であった場合、コンパクトデジカメにここまで明瞭に写るには、まばゆいほど強烈に発光しなければなりません(動画の61-64秒では明度を少し上げています)。そもそも、最初と途中の急角度の素早いターンの動きは、虫や自然発光では不可能に見えます。もし私が第三者であれば、CGによる偽造を疑うでしょうから CGに詳しい人の意見を伺いたいです

米国UFO研究グループ『ニューヨークUFO』主宰のケン・オズ氏から次のコメントを戴きました ― 「撮影された映像を我々のほうで綿密に調べた結果、あなたが目撃したのはまさにUFOであるという結論に達しました。飛行中の様子がこのように明瞭に撮影されるのはとても珍しく、物体の動きと軌跡は非常に興味深いものです。それは、『地球に接近してきた未知の物体UFOの実際の動きは、まるで波のように前進や後退をしながら巧みに操縦されているものである』という我々の見解とも一致するものです」

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